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The David Bieber Archives is a multi-disciplined pop culture media and memorabilia company that offers a variety of services, from consultation to curation, from pop-up displays to rotating exhibits, from decor to presentations to content for all media. We provide authentic artifacts and cultural properties that create singular experiences.

Our team of industry professionals, designers and collectors, along with our extended network of partners, can equip you with everything needed to tell a visual story for your project, company or brand. Create an atmosphere that inspires, informs and excites, connecting the dots between the past, present and future of popular culture and your business.

Janis Joplin

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> Exhibits and Displays
> Corporate, Entertainment and Commercial Decor
> Merchandise and Licensing Opportunities
> Props and Space for Film Shoots
> Content for Authors, Historians, Documentarians
> Panels and Discussions

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The David Bieber Archives can create a distinctive visual identity for whatever project or space you’re working on. We love using our content in the art of transformation as much as we love the art of collaboration. We firmly believe that working together exacts the best results! These are a few of our more recent partners.

The Cabot

David Bieber Archives Celebration Event Verb Hotel, Boston, MA

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‘David’s collection is a testament to the fact that the passage of time renders extraordinary value to ordinary things.’ – BETTY FULTON, International Antiquarian Book Fair

‘The David Bieber Archives… seeing is still disbelieving. It’s just amazing… it’s just incredible.’ – STEPHEN DAVIS, author of the Led Zeppelin book, Hammer of the Gods

‘We’re thrilled to be working with David and tapping into his collection of pop culture memorabilia…’ – JOSIAH A. SPAULDING JR., President/CEO, Boch Center

‘Have you seen Raiders of the Lost Ark? It’s the final scene, just better-lit.’ – BRIAN COLEMAN, author/historian, Boston Magazine

‘The Mount Olympus of pop-culture booty.’ – DAN MCCARTHY, Managing Editor of Sensi Magazine

‘David has a truly amazing collection of items you won’t see anywhere else… amazing bits of history.’ – MIKE GIOSCIA, Plymouth Rocks Executive Director

‘Bieber’s endless namesake collection of memorabilia could rival any comparable storied private stash across the country.’ – CHRIS FARAONE, DigBoston Editor In Chief