• Goods
• Money
• Time

Goods: Do you have items you’d like to donate to the Archives? The Archives will gladly accept: music, art, radios, stereos, posters, pop culture ephemera, vintage clothing – no offer too large or too small or too unusual.

Money: Do you want to help fund the preservation of music, media and pop culture history? We are a 10,000 sq foot warehouse packed with more than a million artifacts. As we organize and put systems in place for documenting and retrieval, we are in need of digitizing equipment, digital storage hardware, services to refurbish our analog playback systems, repair services for electronic gear, and we’re always on the look out for more shelving, racks, and hangers. Financial donations will help us acquire what we need to further the preservation process.

Time: Do you want to get your hands dirty and dig in the trenches with us? Or perhaps you have the appropriate skills to help us organize, catalog and document artifacts? Maybe you’d like to help us out with social media, showcasing items from the Archives that are relevant to current news and/or dates in history.

Please send us your name, phone # and type of donation – we’ll reach out to you!