Vanyaland Celebrates the Year 1987 with Vintage Show Listings and Ads

Over the past few days we’ve been celebrating 1987 Week here at Vanyaland, a new multi-media series that takes a look back at the Boston and beyond of 30 years ago. In addition to our profiles on Harmonic Convergence and Whitney HoustonPixiesSuperman IVEric B. & RakimTower RecordsOver The TopHüsker DüPhishKing DiamondLeonard Part 6, and other posts, we’ve also been peppering our Twitter and Facebook pages with vintage press clips from The David Bieber Archives. These clips include show and movie listings, business ads, newspaper covers, and other stuff graciously offered up by David Bieber, and they provide a cool and intriguing look back into the Boston arts landscape of 1987.

To see more vintage show listings and ads from the David Bieber Archive: 1987 Week

Article is from August 2017