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Wang Theatre David Bieber Archives

Wang Theatre featured in Boston Globe

One of them was music collector David Bieber, whose immense David Bieber Archives — rows and shelves of albums, singles, photos, magazines, reel-to-reel tapes, turntables, collectible dolls, as well as …

WGBH David Bieber

David Bieber featured on WGBH

By 1968, rock music was changing, and no one — not musicians, fans or promoters — knew where it was going. “There were no road maps at the time,” said …

Verb Hotel David Bieber Archives

Verb Hotel featured in Boston Magazine

And over in the Fenway, Hojoko’s tiki drinks and freewheeling izakaya fare bring throngs to the high-style Verb Hotel, a rock ’n’ roll–themed retreat that hosts concerts, offers record players in …